Hello 2024! Here’s an insight into what’s going on at MUKC in the next few months.

2024! You’ve rushed at us with great speed and already knocked us flat out! WE hope, that like us at MUKC, your year has started vigorously and with great joy.

Training at sunset

We’ve started the year much as we ended it, with some of our classes being undertaken in the quietening evening, the last dregs of the day sinking away as we violently deck our fellow mates onto the grass with a few select moves!


Smiles all round of course.

AHEAD there’s lots on for MUKC, which we’re gearing up for and getting ready to grit our teeth through! WHY!? you ask. Well you see some of our members have decided to uptake the challenge of going to TRUE GRIT, a 10KM obstacle course in June this year (info here).

Before, of course we have our Annual Easter Karate Camp. This year we are returning to Eumeralla Scout Camp and have the absoulte pleasure of having Rhee Taekwondo and Melbourne University Wushu club joining us.

In the mean time, we hope to see you at O Weeks Club day on 20/02/2024.

For a sense of what we’ve got planned

Karate aims to build character, improve human behavior, and cultivate modesty; it does not, however, guarantee it.”

Yasuhiro Konishi (founder of Shindo Jinen-ryu Karate)
Quote taken from Jesse Encamp’s website

MUKC 2024 Semester 1 Calendar

(subject to change, refer to facebook page and group for timely updates)

17/02/2024True Grit Training Session 1Location: Ruffey Lake Park Ninja Warrior Course, starting at 10am!
20/02/2024O Week Clubs DayMelbourne University
02/03/2024True Grit Training 2TBA (refer to facebook page)
06/03/2024Welcome Dinner – Sem 1The Clyde.
385 Cardigan St, Carlton VIC 3053
16/03/2024True Grit Training 3
& Social Activity (TBA)
29th-31st March 2024MUKC Annual Easter CampEumeralla Scout Camp ( 1415 Great Ocean Road, Anglesea VIC 3230)
13/04/2024True Grit Training 4TBA
Further True Grit Training TBA
15/06/2024TRUE GRITGlenmaggie, Victoria 3858

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