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Committee Members 2017-2018

Name: Anthony Nguyen Position:  President
Bio:  6th kyu, Green Belt. The cutest president ever.







Name: Payton Pei Zhang
Position:  Vice President
Bio:  7th kyu, Orange Belt with Stripe. I love sports and they are a part of my life. Karate is the first martial art for me and I love it very much. From my point of view, karate is more about control and perseverance. I’m still learning:)









Name:  Jenny Jiang
Position:  Secretary
Bio: 7th kyu, Orange Belt with stripe. The one that always gets injured, and constantly drinks who-knows-what from her water bottle 😛







Name:  Damon Payne
Position:  Assistant Secretary
Bio:  6th kyu, Green Belt. The invisible guy.









Name:  Rio Susanto
Position:  Treasurer
Bio: 7th kyu, Orange Belt with stripe. An IT guy who hasn’t built a computer before. He can do programming though.








Name:  Corrie Potter

Position:  Assistant Treasurer

Bio: 8th kyu, Orange Belt. Sports enthusiast studying sports science. Don’t wake me up early on Sundays.






Name:  Vivian Kexin Zhang
Position: Quartermaster and Public Relations Officer
Bio: 10th kyu, Yellow Belt. The smiling girl 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


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