Committee Members 2018-2019

Name: Vivian Zhang
Position:  President
Bio:  6th kyu, Green Belt.
Our friendly president. Also the club hoodie ambassador (buy a hoodie guys! :D)







Name: Corrie Potter
Position:  Vice President
Bio:  6th kyu, Green belt.
The army guy. Also, I make speeches, and drink coffee to stay alive.








Name:  Damon Payne
Position:  Secretary
Bio: 6th kyu, Green Belt.

Hmm…Should I come to training today? Maybe just for the last 20 minutes.







Name:  Adam Azlan
Position:  Assistant Secretary
Bio:  9th kyu, Yellow belt with stripe.
I was told to pose with these things so I’d look more professional, but I assure you I am smart.







Name:  Jenny Jiang
Position:  Treasurer
Bio: 6th kyu, Green Belt.
The main debt collector. If you owe the club even a dollar, I will chase you down (despite my injuries)






Name:  Hidayati (Ti) Muhamad

Position:  Assistant Treasurer

Bio: 9th kyu, Yellow Belt with stripe.

An accounting student that is excited to start counting MONEYY!!!






Name:  Emad Iqbal
Position: Quartermaster and Public Relations Officer
Bio: 1st kyu, Brown Belt with stripe.
I can carry a lot of stuff. Like this box of belts? Pffftt…too easy. I also break things 😛