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Grading & Last Training Day

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Hi Everyone!

Hopefully by now everyone is finally done with their examinations and is having a good break. You deserve it for all the effort you put into your studies! 🙂 To the working crowd don’t fret, Christmas is just right around the corner so do look forward to a great long holiday!

Now, it’s that time of the year again where the club is starting to wind down and close for the year. However, it still goes down with a BANG!! 😀 And with that, the dates for GRADING and the FINAL TRAINING DAY have been set:

3rd December, 2012 (Monday)

5th December, 2012 (Wednesday)

For the final day of training, we will be conducting class as usual for about an hour or so (7.00pm – 8.00pm) and will later close up with drinks and dinner at a bar/ restaurant nearby so please do come and celebrate together! The committee will keep you posted as soon as final details have been set. Till then, Train Hard!! OOOSS!!

Wai Kit Yip

President 2012/2013
Melbourne University Karate Club (MUKC)

Mobile: +614 3308 1003
Email: yipwkit.88@gmail.com

Photo Session on Monday, 12th November

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We’re organising a photo & video session for this Monday nights training, so come out in force and put on your best gi!  The photos and videos taken will be used to help promote the club into the future on places like university bulletin boards, this website, and the facebook group.  Once again please bring your full uniforms, weapons and whatnot that you wish you to use during the training.  Also anyone with a nice SLR camera should bring it.

A new beginning

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Well a new Melbourne University Karate Club website anyway 🙂  This site is aimed at providing a public face to the MUKC and supplement the already existing facebook group.

Club members are encouraged to contribute, please email us for site access.


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Past Gradings

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