Semester 2: Come & Try for Free

Welcome to Melbourne University Karate Club!

All newcomers are invited to come and join our trainings. Claim two free sessions anytime during our semester 2 training schedule. No registration required, just turn up in appropriate sports clothes and a water bottle.

Hopefully it becomes something you really enjoy and want to be involved with. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via the “contact us” form (

Here’s a group photo of our current committee (2019)! Some have parted ways since, but some of us are still training: Alejandro (Bottom row, leftmost), Emad (Bottom row, 2nd from left) and Henry (Top row, right most).

The best times to come in and try is at the start of the semester! This is when most people turn up so there’s also the social aspect of it as well.

As for the sessions, we cater from beginner all the way to competent martial artists. The class will sub-divide according to experience level for certain activities (e.g sparring and kata forms), but largely we all train together.